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Ferry Hull to Amsterdam – The Netherlands

When you want to travel from Hull to Amsterdam by Ferry there is a total travel time you have to plan for about 15 hours. There is no direct connection from Hull to Amsterdam, so you have to book your ferry through Rotterdam (P&O). In The Netherlands the connection between Rotterdam and Amsterdam is about 50 minutes. Beware though that you are not travelling by car during rush hours as this will increase your travel time by at least half an hour. Especially if you travel back from Amsterdam to Hull this might be something you have to keep in mind as your check-in-time in Rotterdam is shortly after rush hours. ( ~ 19:00 )

Hull Amsterdam

Travel Time & Timetable: Hull to Amsterdam

  • The latest check-in possibility from the Ferry from Hull to Amsterdam is close to 19:00.
  • The Ferry will leave at 20:30 and will arrive at ~ 8:30 ( Beware of the time difference)
  • Then you need to travel from Rotterdam Harbor to Amsterdam,
    • There is a P&O Ferries Coach Transfer possible between Rotterdam Harbor & Rotterdam Central.
    • By Car this will take about 70 minutes to 2 hours. (Rush hour can have enormous influence on this connection, however the ship will wait for this connection to arrive. )
    • By Taxi this will cost about € 120 to € 200 ( Try the Official Taxi Service Rotterdam )
    • By Train it will take 35 minutes to an hour. You just have to get to the Central Station by either the P&O Ferries Coach Transfer or by Taxi. The transfer from the harbor to Rotterdam Central will take about 15 minutes ( about 30 miles).
    • A super cheap & laid-back option is also the bus from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. There is a special Coach Transfer possible from P&O Ferries: ” To make sure you’re eating authentic Dutch pancakes in no time, one stress-free option is to get a coach transfer. You can book this with P&O directly, with the route taking you from Rotterdam Europoort all the way to Prins Hendrikkade, which is right in front of Amsterdam Centraal railway station. “
  • You will arrive in Amsterdam from 10:00 to 11:00 depending on traffic & connection issues and choices.

The train is probably the fastest and cheapest option if you combine it with the P&O Ferries coach. The P&O Coach is the option is we prefer as it doesn't take any efforts. Just sit back and relax =) #nostress

You can contact the Coach Team of P&O ferries by the phone number and e-mail adress on the following page. the prices for the transfer is around ~ € 12,- per person to Amsterdam.

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