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Videos from Rotterdam to Hull

You are not the first to travel from Rotterdam to Hull via a ferry. Get an idea of the journey and watch a selection of interesting video from passengers who came before you below.

From Rotterdam to Hull by motorbike

Going to Hull by motorcycle? You can also travel by ferry from Rotterdam. See what such a journey looks like.

Take a look inside the cabin

Curious what the cabin, also called a cabin, at P&O Ferries looks like on the inside? Check out this cabin tour!

Club cabin experience of travelers

One of the types of cabins you can choose is the Club Cabin. See what you can expect from this luxurious cabin.

Mini Cruise from Hull to Rotterdam

In the video below from Cake On Your Face, the vlog family traveled to the Netherlands via Rotterdam with P&O Ferries.

A look inside a premium cabin

Are you going for a Premium cabin? In the video below you can see what such a premium cabin looks like at P&O Ferries.

Pride of Hull

One of the ferries from P&O Ferries is the Pride of Hull, a beautiful ship. Watch the video below.

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