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Mini Cruises Hull Rotterdam

A mini cruise provides an excellent opportunity to explore a new environment and enjoy a relaxing boat journey. Rotterdam is a beloved destination for such a mini cruise, especially the popular route from Hull to Rotterdam, departing from Kingston Upon Hull.

You begin your journey by checking in on the boat in the evening at the Port of Hull. During the evening, you can experience the cozy atmosphere on board, including entertainment. The following morning, you wake up to a beautiful sea view, and then you are transported by bus to Rotterdam to explore this city.

Mini cruise from Hull to Rotterdam

A mini cruise is ideal for traveling in an affordable and efficient manner. You wake up well-rested in the port of Rotterdam, without the sensation of being on a journey.

Schedule: How long does a mini cruise typically last?

The mini cruise from Hull to Rotterdam is a three-day journey. On the first day, you check in on board, where you can enjoy live entertainment and various dining options in the evening. You spend the night in your own cabin. On the second day, you arrive at the port of Rotterdam (Europoort) and are transported by bus to the city center to spend the day at your leisure. The boat departs back to Kingston Upon Hull at 9:00 PM.

Timetable - Mini cruise Hull to Rotterdam


expert notificationMake the most of your trip with an extra day! With a mini cruise, you’ll spend only one morning and afternoon in Rotterdam. That’s why adding one or even multiple extra days to your journey is a smart idea. This way, you can explore Rotterdam in the evening, perhaps by dining at a restaurant or enjoying the Erasmus Bridge in the evening (highly recommended!). When booking your mini cruise, you can add extra days for an additional charge of approximately Β£24. Please be aware that you’ll need to arrange your own accommodation during these extra days. Check out the most popular accommodations in Rotterdam here.

What can you do on board?

The mini cruise from Hull to Rotterdam is operated by P&O Ferries, where you’ll stay on one of the ships, namely the Pride of Rotterdam and the Pride of Hull. These ships provide various amenities to make your time on board enjoyable, including live entertainment and dining options.


On board, you’ll find various bars with live music. There’s also entertainment for children, a cinema, and a casino on board.


There is a restaurant (Brasserie & The Kitchen) where you can enjoy a delicious dinner, and there’s also a Starbucks on board.


Once on board the Pride of Rotterdam or Pride of Hull, you can enjoy duty-free shopping at the World Duty Free Shop.

Cabins - What types are available and what are the costs?

When booking a mini cruise, you have the option to choose from various cabins for your stay. The standard option is a standard cabin with two bunk beds. During the reservation process, you also have the opportunity to upgrade to a different cabin for an additional cost. Below, you’ll find the available cabins and their rates (starting prices):

Cabin Types Price (*starting price) Tickets
Standaard Cabin Β£20.00 View tickets
Premier Cabin Β£45.00 View tickets
Club Cabin Β£133.00 View tickets

* Please note that these are the starting prices, and there are additional options available, such as an upgrade to a double bed or a room with a sea view..

The differences between the cabins mainly revolve around the level of luxury. For example, a Premier cabin offers more comfort than a Standard cabin and is equipped with amenities like tea and coffee facilities. A Club cabin is even more luxurious, providing extra space, as well as a television, hot beverage facilities, a minibar, and premium toiletries.

Additionally, there are also special pet-friendly cabins available, allowing you to bring your pet along. Furthermore, there are cabins with an adjoining door, enabling you to combine two cabins and stay close to your family members. It’s important to note that each cabin has its private bathroom, including a shower, toilet, towels, and bed linens.

Our money-saving tip!

Save 10% on your meals: You can reserve your meals in advance and check which restaurants are available."

Other P&O Mini cruises

Hull (Port of Hull) serves as a popular departure point for mini cruises to the Netherlands. In addition to Rotterdam, there are other exciting destinations, with Amsterdam being a popular city to explore. If you wish to visit Amsterdam, you should take the same route to Europoort (also offered by P&O Ferries). From Europoort, you’ll then be transported by coach to the center of Amsterdam.

If Hull is not the most convenient departure point for you, Newcastle is also a good choice. From Newcastle, there’s a ferry route to Ijmuiden (offered by DFDS), which is close to Amsterdam. Below, you can explore other interesting mini cruise options.

Hull ⇆ Amsterdam

From Β£59 per person

A visit to Amsterdam is worthwhile for its charming canals, cultural heritage, and lively ambiance.

Minicruise Hull to Rotterdam

Rotterdam ⇆ Hull

From Β£59 per person

A visit to Rotterdam is worthwhile for its modern architecture, vibrant culture, and active port city vibe.

Minicruise Newcastle to Amsterdam

Newcastle ⇆ Amsterdam

From Β£79 per person

A trip to Amsterdam is a great choice for its picturesque canals, and cultural richness.

What can you do in Rotterdam?

After arriving at the Port of Hull, a bus is readily available to transport you to the city center. In approximately 15 minutes, you’ll go from the port to the heart of Hull. Once in the city, you have complete freedom to spend your time as you wish. You can shop, explore the city, and enjoy all the wonderful activities and attractions that Hull has to offer.

Popular destinations in Rotterdam

  1. Markthal Rotterdam: The Markthal is a striking architectural marvel with an abundance of stalls and eateries. Taste local and international cuisines and admire the colorful ceiling mural.
  2. Erasmus Bridge: The Erasmus Bridge is an iconic bridge in Rotterdam that offers a stunning view of the city’s skyline. Take a walk across the bridge and enjoy the modern architecture and the surrounding water.
  3. Euromast: The Euromast is an observation tower that provides a panoramic view of Rotterdam. Head to the top and marvel at the city from great heights. If you’re adventurous, you can even go abseiling from the Euromast!
  4. Cube Houses: These unique cube-shaped houses were designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom. You can visit one of the cube houses to explore the interior and learn more about the history of this remarkable architectural project.
  5. Stroll along the Maas: Take a leisurely walk along the Maas River and enjoy the view of the city and the various activities along its banks. You may also consider taking a river cruise to admire Rotterdam from the water.Β 
what to do in rotterdam at hull minicruise

Parking at Hull Port

A mini cruise to Rotterdam is intended for foot passengers only; you cannot take this trip with your car. For that, you would need to book a regular ticket with a car reservation. However, you can park your car at the Port of Hull. You can navigate to the King George Dock & Ferries and Terminal 1 for parking. Please be aware that there is a charge of Β£10 per 24 hours.

Directions to the Port of Hull by car

For those traveling from the North and West, you can take either the M62 or A1079 to reach the A63, leading to Hull City Centre. Follow the signage towards King George Dock and Ferries. If you’re approaching from the South, you can cross the Humber Bridge via the A15 and then head east along the A63 towards Hull City Centre. Follow the signs directing you to King George Dock and Ferries.

Do you come by public transport (bus or rail)?

If you’re coming to the Port of Hull by public transport, you have the option of using the bus or train:

  • Train: The nearest train station to the Port of Hull is Hull Paragon railway station. From this station, you can catch a bus to the terminal at King George Dock.
  • Bus: There is also the option of traveling by bus only. At The Interchange, next to St Stephen’s Shopping Centre, you can catch a bus heading towards King George Dock.

expert notificationPlease Note: Mini Cruises are available for foot passengers only. If you wish to travel with a vehicle, you can do so by booking a regular ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can certainly travel as a foot passenger from Hull to Rotterdam. A mini cruise is a great option for this purpose, as it is not only more cost-effective than a regular ticket but also doesn’t incur additional charges for a vehicle. Additionally, with a mini cruise, you’ll be transported from the Rotterdam (Europoort) port to the city centre and back, providing added convenience.

The check-in opens at 15:00 and closes 90 minutes before departure. Foot passengers can board from 16:00, and check-in closes at 19:00, with the boat departing at 20:30.

The ferry journey from Hull to Rotterdam is generally smooth, but it can become rough in unfavorable weather conditions. If you are prone to seasickness or have concerns, it’s advisable to check the current sea conditions with the ferry operator before your trip.

Indeed, P&O Ferries still operates the route from Hull to Rotterdam. Unfortunately, the route to Zeebrugge has been discontinued. If you are considering alternative ferry operators, DFDS offers a route from Newcastle to IJmuiden (Amsterdam).

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