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Ferry times Hull to Rotterdam

Two ships operate on the Hull-Rotterdam route, passing each other midway and then returning the next day. The ships wait in the port for about 10 hours before departing for a new sailing, so you can never arrive too early for your crossing!

Departure from Hull is at 20:30 local time (GMT+0). The crossing from Hull to Rotterdam takes 11 hours, but due to the time difference, it appears to take 10 hours.

All crossings are shown in local time. Departure from Rotterdam is at 21:00 Dutch time (GMT+1).

The crossing from Rotterdam to Hull also takes 11 hours, but appears to take 12 hours due to the time difference.

Earliest check-in?

The earliest check-in time is 15:00. If you arrive early, you can begin checking in from 15:00.

Earliest boarding time?

Boarding will commence at 17:00 local time. These times are valid for both ways: so Hull to Rotterdam, and Rotterdam to Hull. These times apply to both routes: from Hull to Rotterdam and from Rotterdam to Hull.

Hull to Rotterdam Timetable

Hull - RotterdamMonday - Friday: 20:30 Weekend: 20:30Monday - Friday: 08:15 Weekend: 09:00Monday - Friday: 19:00 Weekend: 19:00
Rotterdam - HullMonday - Friday: 21:00 Weekend: 20:30Monday - Friday: 07:30 Weekend: 08:00Monday - Friday: 19:00 Weekend: 19:00

Check in on time!

Make sure you check in on time. The check-in with P&O Ferries closes 90 minutes before departure. Plan your journey well in advance and depart with plenty of time.

FAQ Hull Rotterdam ferry times.

The journey from Hull to Rotterdam (and vice versa) takes about 11.15 hours. Departing in the evening allows you to stay overnight on board and arrive refreshed the next day. Keep in mind the time difference: it’s 12 hours in one direction and 10 hours in the other according to local time.

The check-in with P&O Ferries closes 90 minutes before departure. This means you must be checked in no later than 19:00 at Hull. In Rotterdam, you need to be checked in by 19:30 on weekdays and by 19:00 on weekends.

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