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Everything about the port in Rotterdam

The ferry to Hull arrives and departs daily from Europoort Rotterdam. On this page you will find out everything about the port and the possibilities in Rotterdam regarding the crossing to Hull.


Rotterdam Haven (Europoort)
Luxemburgweg 2
3198 LG Europoort
(P&O Ferries port number 5805)

Contact details

Phone number for assistance: +31 107 145 464
E-mail: customer.services.europoort@poferries.com


How do you get to or to Rotterdam from the port?

P&O Europoort is located approximately 36ย  kilometers from the center of Rotterdam. By car it takes about 35 minutes to reach Rotterdam center from the Europoort. You can travel partly by public transport, but no busses go directly to the port: you must use the direct bus transfers offered by P&O Ferries.

By car

You can easily reach the port of Rotterdam Europoort via the A15. This is about a 40-minute drive from the center of Rotterdam. You can park your car for free in a parking garage at the terminal in Europoort.

By bus (Public Transport)

From Rotterdam CS a bus leaves at the Eurolines bus stop at 5 p.m. At Amsterdam CS there is also a bus leaving at 5 p.m. from bus stop H3. Please note: You must reserve a bus ticket in advance via P&O Ferries.

By train (Public Transport)

It is best to travel via Rotterdam CS or Amsterdam CS if you want to travel by train. There are direct buses to Rotterdam Haven Europoort from both stations. See the block traveling by bus for specific bus stop information.

expert notificationPlease note: there is no public transport to or from the terminal in Europoort. Bus transfers can be booked online and are available from Europoort to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The bus leaves the port at 9:15 AM (Mon-Fri) and 9:45 AM (Sat-Sun). The bus stop in Amsterdam is Piet Heinkade 95 Bushaltestelle and for Rotterdam the Conradstraat stop is just next to Rotterdam Central Station. The bus departs Amsterdam at 5:00 PM and Rotterdam at 5:00 PM from the same stops as mentioned above.

Timetable/schedule: arrival and departure times

From the Port of Rotterdam the ferry to Hull departs from 9:00 PM on weekdays and from 8:30 PM on weekends. The boat arrives at Hull Harbor every day at around 7:30 am.

โš ๏ธ Be on time with check-in! Check-in at P&O Ferries closes 90 minutes before departure. Leave well in time for the port of Rotterdam Europoort.

Please note: Port number 5805

In the port of Rotterdam Europoort you must pay close attention to the correct port number. The port number of P&O Ferries is 5805, where the ferry to Hull departs.

Parking at P&O Ferries Rotterdam

Are you traveling to the port of Rotterdam by car, but do you want to board the ferry as a foot passenger? Then you can park your car at the P&O Ferries terminal in Europoort.

Free parking available

There is ample parking at the terminal in Europoort. And this is free too! We rarely see this at ports.

expert notificationPlease note that the port of Rotterdam has few facilities. There is only a coffee machine and a soft drink machine and these only work with coins. There is no possibility to exchange notes in the port.

Arrival in Rotterdam

After about 12 hours of sailing, you arrive at the port of P&O Ferries Rotterdam. The center of Rotterdam is approximately 38 kilometers away; that’s about a 40-minute drive by car via the A15.

As for public transportation? To and from Rotterdam Europoort, there are only bus transfers provided by P&O Ferries. The bus departs on weekdays at 09:15 and on weekends starting from 09:45 from the port at the bus station on Condestraat and go to Rotterdam Central Station. (There is also a coach you can book to Amsterdam!)

If you, however, can’t travel with this coach, you can take a 33! minute walk to the most nearby bus station:

nearest bus station

From there you need to travel to Busstation Vlaardingen Oost and take the Metro to Schiedam, after which you must grab a ride (bus, metro, train) from Schiedam to Rotterdam (many options there). In total all this will take 1 or 2 hours or so! So it’s better to hop on the coach or get your ride!

If you just want to visit Rotterdam for like 4 - 6 hours by car after your arrival at the P&O ferries terminal aim for the Q-Park Boston & Seattle. From there you can have a very nice (bit long but nice!) walk into the city center.

Europoort Navigation

Frequently Asked Questions

The ferry to Hull from P&O Ferries departs from port number 5805. Pay close attention to the signs when you enter Europoort.

No, there is no public transport to and from the terminal in Europoort. From Rotterdam CS a bus leaves at the Eurolines bus stop at 5 p.m. You must reserve this bus transfer in advance. This can be done online here.

You can park your car for free at the terminal in Europoort.

To travel to Hull city center by car, follow the signs for Hull City Center. Not traveled by car? Then you can take a taxi from the port. This costs about 10 euros. You can choose to travel to the center by bus transfer. You must arrange this in advance with Hull Cars via telephone number 0044 (0)1482 828282.

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